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Master Data as a Service (M-DaaS)

Whenever you have to create a new master data like new business partner, customer, supplier or material, you need to contact multiple stakeholders. Most of the time all the stakeholders might not be available in time or they might not have information to provide in hand. This delays the master data creation process and sometimes takes several days.

In today’s digital era, such inordinate delays are not acceptable for any enterprise.

  • What if there is a cloud based service which has all the needed information for you to create a master data?
  • What if all this information is just one click away, and integrated right into your enterprise application?
  • What if someone has spent years to collect and curate trust worthy master data and always keep it up-to-date for you?
  • What if someone has spent enough time and resources to make sure that the curated master data is single source of truth?

Propedia is just such a Cloud service which provides such a trustworthy data and makes it available to you on a few clicks!
CODASOL’ s Material Data Experts have curated and organized Material Data across multiple industries over the last decade. Propedia is also continuously updated every day with new material codes and information is added to the database as new products and equipment’s enter into the market. With Propedia as the underlying tool, CODASOL’ s Master Data as a Service can help enterprise keep their Master Data always up to date.

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